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scaling low-cost technology to under resourced communities

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We’re building capemedtech to provide ​medical software that makes life and ​work easier, so you can live more.

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Developed for use on ​mobile devices in remote areas.​ Preloaded with local​ guidelines and algorithms.​

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Built for medical staff in ​resource-limited, IV Calculator ​steps in at facilities lacking ​infusion monitors.

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Patient​ Diary

HGT Diary helps store and retrieve

blood glucose readings, replacing

traditional paper-based diabetes


Our other ​tools in market

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Bili-Baby 👶

Bili-Baby assists healthcare workers in managing newborn jaundice ​with greater accuracy. By reducing errors, this app supports better ​health outcomes for infants suffering from this condition.​

App-Gar 🐣

App-Gar helps short-staffed neonatal emergency teams manage ​newborn emergencies according to established guidelines. ​It provides crucial support in ensuring timely and effective care for​ newborns in distress.​

Anthro Buddy 📐

Anthro Buddy is an app designed to assist doctors and nurses in ​performing anthropometric assessments. It streamlines the ​process of analyzing body dimensions, ensuring accurate and ​efficient evaluations to support patient care.​

INR Clinic 🩸

INR Clinic was built for Mitchell’s Plain CHC, after the physician ​managing the facility contacted us to request a user-friendly

CDSS to streamline their INR clinic for his patients on blood

thinners. By offering real-time protocol access, the app

enhances efficiency and patient flow in the INR clinic.

ER Calc 🧮

ER Calculator is a streamlined CDSS designed to reduce critical ​errors in emergency rooms. By offering simplified calculations, it ​assists healthcare staff in managing acute patients more ​effectively, enhancing care in high-pressure environments.​

My Medicines 💊

My Medicines is an app that helps patients remember to take the ​correct medications at the right times as prescribed. It provides ​reminders, tracks dosages and offers an easy-to-use interface to ​ensure adherence to treatment plans.​

CPR App 🫀

Designed for short-staffed emergency teams, the CPR App ​improves the management of cardiac arrest situations. The app ​adheres to established guidelines, offering clear instructions and

support to ensure effective CPR administration during critical ​moments.

Our tools can be customised and integrated ​into your medical workflow & operations

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